Bambu Soft Cork Fabric Bowl

by Bambu


Soft Cork Fabric Bowl is also called Adjust-a-bowl

Cork Fabric bowls are a customer favourite. Shape it, or fold it down to modify its size for whatever you put in it. Use in the kitchen for fruit, on the table for bread, or in the living room as a catch-all. This durable cork fabric will get even softer and more pliable over time.  Cork fabric is anti-microbial, and water- and stain-resistant too. There's lots to love about cork fabric.

  • Hand wash and wipe dry, or machine wash and wipe dry if heavily soiled.
  • Revive cork with all-natural cream or oil.
  • Size 8" round bowl 

These bowls could also be considered baskets...which is another product we love. Our Adjust-A-Bowl cork fabric bowls are versatile like a good piece of clothing. 

Cork is harvested from the cork oak tree, one of 425 species of oak that is prevalent in Mediterranean countries. Every 10 or so years, the bark is harvested and the tree regenerates another layer. Cork is an abundant natural and renewable resource.

The fabric is made of thin sheets of natural cork adhered to a cotton blend backing. This versatile and lightweight fabric is stain resistant, waterproof, and yes - machine washable! It also wipes clean easily.