About Us

Kids & Rainbows was started by a mom in Singapore who wanted to expose her kids to toys that support their growing curiosity about the world. As a mother of 3 kids, she strongly felt that the kids of the internet and technology era have a stronger need for experiencing play that is mindful. Toys should not be for amusement and distraction but rather for intriguing young minds with inspiration. 

Toys that need a screen or battery to operate and toys that are tied to a movie/ tv character are unable to give any personal meaning or significance to the child and therefore fail to engage their creative fantasy.

We at Kids and Rainbows believe that kids should benefit from the positives that the internet era has brought but never at the cost of dulling the child’s imagination.

Welcome to Kids & Rainbows where parents will find a fresh perspective to stimulating their child’s fantasy and imagination by getting him engaged with toys that are sans batteries, screens, plastic and movie merchandise. All our toys are carefully sourced through toy manufacturers who share our philosophy of imaginative and creative play. All our products are eco-friendly and made from sustainable resources.

 Kids & Rainbows, Singapore. Curating Mindful Play.